About the AFA
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About the Association
The American Finance Association (AFA) is the premier academic organization devoted to the study and promotion of knowledge about financial economics. The AFA was planned at a meeting in December 1939 in Philadelphia. The first journal of the American Finance Association was...
In January 2000, the Board of Directors of The American Finance Association instituted a Society of Fellows of the Association. The purpose of the society is to recognize those members who have made a distinguished contribution to the field of finance....
Officers and Directors
The incumbent Officers of the AFA including the President, President Elect, Vice President, Executive Secretary...
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For questions concerning submissions and editorial matters, subscriptions and memberships or regarding AFA matters.
Past Presidents
A look at the past Presidents of the AFA and years in which they served.

Past Executive Secretary Treasurers
A Tribute To Those Who Served as Executive Secretary and Treasurer for the American Finance Association.